Hazel Harris

Moretown, Vermont

My name is Hazel Harris, I am 18 years old and a proud Vermonter, raised in the heart of the Mad River Valley. It’s like this cozy bubble, surrounded by mountains that are my constant invitation to explore. Sugarbush and Mad River Glen became my backyard playgrounds, nurturing my love for skiing since I was a little kid.

But skiing’s more than a sport, it’s pure passion. Every time I’m on the hill, an indescribable joy rushes through me, making me smile like nothing else can. On the snow, it’s just me and the mountain – a feeling of gratefulness I can’t explain.

Skiing’s my escape, where my thoughts narrow down to the present moment. It’s this incredible dance of skis on snow that makes everything else fade away. It’s my reminder of how lucky I am to find something that makes my heart race like nothing before.

Now, at Montana State University, I’m driven by a single goal: the Freeride World Tour. Those mountains have shaped who I am, and every turn I take is a step closer to the dream I’m chasing.

Hazel Harris, in white ski cap and goggles, blue-green parka.

My Core Values

  1. Inspire the younger generation with kindness
  2. Never stop being true to myself
  3. Never take anything for granted
  4. Show gratitude to the people around me ALWAYS
  5. Work hard play hard
  6. Check in with the people around me
  7. Check in with myself
  8. Be the best, friend daughter and sister I can be
  9. The mountain is a playground don't lose sight of that
  10. Always be open to learning

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