Hazen Abbott

Jericho, VT

Hazen’s Bio

My name is Hazen Abbot and I live in Jericho VT. I I have had a passion for skiing since before I was 2, skiing is the sport I am most passionate about but I also enjoy mountain biking, playing lacrosse, and soccer. Skiing is the sport that gives me the most freedom, and that’s why I will never stop enjoying skiing. I ski for the Smugglers Notch ski club and compete in u15 IFSA freeride ski competitions. This year was hard for me because I moved up an age group and started competing against people 2 years older than me. But I was fortunate enough to put down multiple good runs in Regional and National comps and achieve multiple podium finishes. Because of these finishes I was fortunate enough to qualify for Nationals in Breckenridge, Colorado. This scholarship will help cover the comp registration price and travel expenses.

Hazen Abbott Adventure Scholarship recipient
Hazen Abbott Adventure Scholarship recipient

My Core Values

  1. Push myself
  2. Push my peers
  3. Admit when I'm wrong
  4. Always get back up when you get knocked down
  5. Treat everyone how I would like to be treated
  6. Never say never
  7. Don't let other people control what I do
  8. Be the best friend, brother and son I can be
  9. Always push myself outside my comfort zone
  10. Never stop having fun
  11. Live easy
  12. Stay stoked

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