Katherine Appel

Erie, PA



My Core Values

  1. Treat people with respect no matter who they are, what they believe in, or how they act
  2. Be approachable and having an open ear to anyone who needs someone to talk to
  3. Be outside every possible moment
  4. Take the time to appreciate things like the stars or the sunrise
  5. Never stop exploring
  6. Travel
  7. Live simply, don't be materialistic
  8. Limit time spent on social media
  9. Stay connected with family
  10. Make other people feel accepted, welcome and loved
  11. Talk about things I am passionte about
  12. Rest on a hammock
  13. Public Health
  14. Volunteer in your community
  15. Spend time with friends
  16. Meet new people
  17. Commit to promises made
  18. Express gratitude as much as possible
  19. Honesty
  20. Compassion
  21. Do challenging tasks that push you out of your comfort zone

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