Louissa Rozendaal

Starksboro, VT

  My name is Louissa Rozendaal and I’ve been skiing since I was three years old and I’ve been having a great time getting after it ever since! I’m originally from Starksboro, VT and I grew up skiing at Mad River Glen, a place that taught me determination, what frostbite felt like, and the importance of sun, snow, and smiles. I recently moved to beautiful Gunnison, Colorado to attend Western State Colorado University to study Outdoor Leadership and Entrepreneurship.  I am a member of the Collegiate Freeride Series. When it’s not ski season, you can find me mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking with my dog, or working on my family’s organic vegetable farm. I truely believe that being outside and adventuring are the key aspects of happiness. I strive to adventure and explore every day and learn about all of what the mountains have to offer, while embracing Ryan’s Core Principles.

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