Mad Trees- Anne Cleary and Samuel Manna

Stowe, VT

A life-long pursuit of advancement, progression, and taking the next step led us from the slopes of the northern Green Mountains to Mt. Baker, WA for the 2014-2015 winter season and foreseeable future. The challenges and experiences created through learning and skiing new and unfamiliar terrain are totally unique and genuine.

As members of Mad Trees, a network of outdoor athletes and enthusiasts, we worked with other team members to develop a set of goals for Mad Trees during the course of the 14/15 winter season. When we realized that most of our goals involved traveling for film projects, we reached out to the Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation. They came through huge for us by helping itineraries become a reality and enabling us to produce media, make new connections, and expand our network.

The 13 Core Principles run strong through the Mad Trees team, and we strive to create continual positive relations and creative content.

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