Maisie Wagner & Ellie Huff – The Rippin’ Ladies


Maisie Wagner and Ellie Huff are both seventeen year old Big Mountain skiers who reside in Colorado. They compete through IFSA and are part of an IFSA-sponsored group called the Rippin’ Ladies which seeks to support and encourage young women like themselves to get on the mountain! They will be using their award to fund an all-women ski movie for IFSA that will inspire young athletes to join big mountain skiing.

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Read Ellie Huff’s Essay

Read Ellie Huff’s Letter of Recommendation


Maisie Wagner’s Core Values:

Never give up


Push yourself out of your comfort zone

Care for others/support other athletes

Work hard, earn things

Follow your passion

Never stop exploring

Look on the bright side

Believe in yourself and your peers

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Ellie Huff’s Core Values:

Inspire through creativity

Fully commit to every task

Dont just talk, act

Don’t just say, show

Don’t just promise, prove

Dance when in doubt

Balance being with doing

Appreciate the beauty around you

Connect with those around you

Don’t take life too seriously

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Thanks to Outdoor Gear Exchange for sponsoring this award!



Maisie Wagner & Ellie Huff – The Rippin’ Ladies's Adventure Scholarship was generously sponsored by Outdoor Gear Exchange.

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