Mazie Hayden

Mazie Hayden-Pittsfield VT

“Crazy” Mazie Hayden is a young freestyle skier from Pittsfield, Vermont. She continues to grow up on skis at Killington and has been a member of the Killington Mountain School freestyle team since 2005. Mazie loves the two extremes of tight, challenging woods and fast, steep runs… It’s no surprise she is a killer skiercross racer with recurrent dreams of “the ultimate race course!” Mazie placed first in the 10-12 age group at USASA SX National Championships at Copper Mountain this past spring. Too young to participate in the Hole Shot Tour, she foreran and put down some blazing runs in the time trials. The youngest skier ever invited to USSA’s Project Gold, Mazie has the skills, mindset, and drive to go far, fast. Described by her coach as “smart, funny and kind,” Mazie excels in many other areas off the mountain. She is an avid reader, plays the flute, and hopes to be a vet like her Grammie some day. Mazie is also a member of the local mountain bike team and races regularly. Last but not least, she is a talented rock climber and competes both regionally and nationally in USA Climbing sport and bouldering competitions. Some of her favorite things are trolls, cool animal bones she finds on hikes, and her pet chickens.

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