Rena Schwartz

Middlesex, Vermont

Rena Schwartz Nordic race I learned to ski just after I learned to walk. Wearing strap-on skis, I shuffled along trying to keep up with my older sister in the Alaskan tundra. I moved to Vermont when I was just a few years old. My parents dragged us on long treks through the woods. We wore heavy snow pants and old skis. It wasn’t until seventh grade that I discovered groomed trails and the world of nordic ski racing. Skiing wasn’t just a family activity anymore. I joined my school team and then a club team, making friends along the way. I am a senior at Green Mountain Valley School in Waitsfield, Vermont, and a member of the GMVS Nordic Team. Gliding over hard-packed snow on skate skis, climbing up steep hills on classic skis, I enjoy the intensity and gratifying moments of ski racing.

With Flyin Ryan’s help, I will be able to continue to pursue my passion for Nordic skiing.

About her Adventure Scholarship, Rena writes: A Flyin Ryan Scholarship will allow me to attend the National Elite Training Group nordic ski raining camp in Park City, Utah. During this invitation-only training camp, I will have the opportunity to train alongside U.S. Ski Team athletes. U.S. Ski Team coaches will work with me, as a camper, to hone my technical skills in both classic and skate skiing. This is an amazing opportunity to participate in a program that will broaden my training experience and let me pursue my passion for Nordic skiing.

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