Riley Kavanaugh

Arvada, CO

I’m Riley Kavanaugh, and I’m proud to call Colorado my lifelong home. I am fourteen years old and in the eighth grade. I have skied since I could walk, and I come from a long line of skiers. I still ski with my seventy-five year old grandma, and skiing together keeps our family close! My passion lies in skiing and creating lasting memories.

Beyond my love for the slopes, I have been fortunate enough to excel academically, currently studying geometry two years ahead of my grade level. I have the support of an Advance Learning plan through my school district’s gifted and talented program, and I am proud to say I have consistently made the honor roll throughout my school career.

I have a small collection of medals that I have been fortunate enough to win throught out my three seasons with Team Summit. This is a special season for me as I join the Big Mountain Team. It’s also the first time I’ll be skiing on the same team as my older brother, which adds an extra layer of excitement to the upcoming season.

During the warmer months, I trade my skis for a raft. I camp on the river with my family and hunt for cliff jumping spots. In my downtime, I will be practicing aerial tricks on my trampoline, diligently recording and critiquing my moves. My interests extend to kayaking, golf, and enjoying quality time with friends and family.

Riley Kavanaugh
Riley Kavanaugh

My Core Values

  1. Do not worry about the bad things people think about you
  2. Always express yourself
  3. Find a way to make fun out of everything
  4. Don't waste your time trying to please other people
  5. Live your best life
  6. Don't focus on the past, focus on the future
  7. Support the people close to you
  8. Focus on the good things in life not the bad
  9. Make great memories
  10. Don't let other people determine your future or how you act
  11. Hold yourself to a high standard

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