Ronald Polo

Fort Pierce, FL

Ronald’s Bio

My name is Ronald José Polo Pino. I got my disability when I was barely 17 years old, from there I was rehabilitated, I exercised a lot to stay active and to be able to get out of that complexity that my life was experiencing. From there, I joined the wheelchair basketball team at the hospital and after that he has done a lot of exercise, As of 2016, I have been an active member of a group of a non-profit foundation called zero disability, which has used sport as a tool for the social inclusion of people with disabilities, and I obtained the position of sports coordinator, which is represented many times to my state in field tennis I also participated in the 2017 and 2018 Miami marathon I also participated in the marathon in 2018 and I really dedicated myself completely to sports life because sports life keeps me active it keeps me efficient And of course I have also acquired a lot of knowledge to help other people who also have disabilities so that sport is a true tool for social inclusion.

Ronald’s Core Values

My fundamental values are love towards others, help, respect, care and value everything that each person does and see everyone the same way. I feel that disability is first in mind, there is no need to discriminate against people who suffer from a disability For how much they or We are people too and we can achieve wonderful things without having to harm anyone.

Ronald’s Personal Essay

I am a person with values attached to God, It characterizes me to be able to help others, to serve, to be able to contribute, support everything I have learned in this time that I have had with a disability, so that other people can also affect, can understand and educate themselves in every way, so that they lead a better healthy life with disabilities.I like to help, I like to commit myself to people who really have a need to help him and to also be able to talk to them and transmit all my knowledge through him.

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Ronald Polo
Ronald Polo
Ronald Polo


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