Saeed Zaroori

Manjil, Gilan, Iran

Saeed’s Bio

Photo of Saeed Zaroori Flyin Ryan

Saeed Zaroori is 32 years old, the Founder of Iranian adventurers with Disabilities Team and a motivated adventurer who has showed to Iranian people with disabilities and non-disabled persons that they can take adventures with any physical conditions. He is a journalist, inspirational lecturer in the field of adventure and travel.

Muscular dystrophy has weakened his hands and legs but could not affect his motivations and ambitious. He uses a power wheelchair. His severe disabilities have never stopped him from chasing his dreams.

He takes adventure from the top of the sky to the deep waters and even under ground in dark and cold caves. After experiencing all types of adventures now he helps other people with disabilities to experience those activities like kayaking, rafting, flying with ultra-light airplanes, paragliding, camping in nature, desert passing, scuba diving and more. In short, he helps other people with disabilities to experience another aspect of life never experienced before.

Now, he has a big goal which seems impossible for most of people. He wants to camp one night on a wall of Dorfak Peak. He has to climb this peak with his own power wheelchair (this power wheelchair has a trolley of extra batteries) and he wants to camp on the wall of the peak.

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My Core Values

  1. Doing things beyond your abilities
  2. Take adventure to increase your self-confidence
  3. Show other people we have unlimited power despite of physical conditions
  4. Fighting for your dreams
  5. Be in peace with yourself
  6. Do your best to have better world to live
  7. Always smile and give it to other people

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