Sam Davies

Boston, MA

After growing up outside of Boston, Sam moved to Vermont for college. A longtime skier, biker, and hiker, the Green  Mountain State was an obvious place to attend school. Between his sophomore and junior year, Sam moved to Stowe and bought a camera. It was then that he started shooting with the goal of capturing the joys of outdoor recreation to share with others. Since then, Sam has worked on a number of projects, both personal and commercial, sharing the personal side of outdoor adventure through film, photo, and writing.

A grant from the Flyin’ Ryan Foundation will help me share my message with the Mountain and Ski Communities. Land conservation is critical to the well being of our planet, but I don’t want people to forget to play in the places that we conserve. Spending tim in these places shows us their value. This film will encourage people to enjoy these areas while being good land stewards. Without recreating in protected areas, we will forget why they worth protecting in the first place.

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