Simona Croccolo

“I am currently a sophomore pursuing a major in health science at Castleton State College. I am racing for their ski team as well as the mountain bike team. Although some of our race and travel expenses are covered by the school, I am still responsible for my equipment and season passes on top of the rest of my college expenses. Sports have played an influential role in my life and as my development as a person and I can’t imagine my life without them. I am applying for the Flyin Ryan Scholarship to help me continue to pursue my passion for skiing and mountain biking while receiving a college education”

Simona has been following her passion since she was three. She has an adventuresome personality and positive attitude. The FRF is proud Simona has joined the Flyin Ryan Team!

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The Foundation has awarded more than 150 Adventure Scholarships to people who have a dream, believe in the Core Values Matter philosophy and were able to demonstrate financial need. Our Adventure Scholars are a distinctive group of students, athletes, and others. We believe you'll find someone here you can identify with, or perhaps you will help us make this outstanding team of individuals even more diverse and inclusive.

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