Sophia Bisbee

Hinesburg, VT

Sophia’s Bio

Sophia Bisbee

My name is Sophia Bisbee, and I am a sixteen year old athlete. I have been skiing my entire life but only recently started my competing career in the year 2018. I am proud to say that Mad River Glen is my home mountain. This mountain is especially important to me not only because of the skills I’ve gained in this unique place, but also my best friends and the wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. I’m currently on the path of attending The Junior World Tour, which has been a meaningful goal of mine for at least two years. Although skiing is the activity I’m most passionate about, I am also interested in other things such as soccer, surfing, robotics, sailing, acting, listening, and playing music.

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My Core Values

  1. Be respectful/ kind towards others no matter what
  2. Give back when I can
  3. Be there for my family and friends when they need it
  4. Have fun
  5. Take responsibility
  6. Take Risks while still being safe (life, sports, relationships)
  7. Push myself in order to grow
  8. Be creative (think outside the box)
  9. Be different (Don't just follow what everyone else is doing just to fit in)
  10. Always put my best effort into everything I do

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