The Ladd Boys

Lakewood, CO

Our names are Noah, Dylan, and Connor Ladd.  We are three brothers who are skiers, born and raised in Lakewood, Colorado.  We are currently 16, 14 and 12 years old.  We ski out of Winter Park, Colorado.  Our parents taught each of us to ski before the age of 3, and by the age of 5, we were all able to ski any terrain on the mountain.  We are on the Winter Park Freeski team, 2 days a week. Every Saturday and Sunday, we go to the mountains and ski with a group of kids that are 10-18 year old. We ski and play in the terrain park as well as other parts of the mountain.  We try to learn new tricks while having as much fun as possible.  Skiing has always been an exciting family activity.  It creates a sense of peace for us because we feel carefree when in the snow. Life is always an adventure and skiing has always been a major part of our lives.

The reason we are applying together is that we do everything together, and couldn’t imagine one of us winning this scholarship, and not sharing with each other.  When we are on the slope, we are mainly known as “the Ladd Boys” or “one of the Ladd Boys”. We enjoy working out and training together in order to stay in the best physical shape for all of the sports we play.  All three of us participate in multiple sports in the highest competitive divisions for lacrosse, football, and soccer; and we compete in skiing.  In the summer, we like to mountain bike and dirt bike for fun.

This year we are competing in USASA and USSA competitions and the Flyin’ Ryan scholarship would greatly help offset the price of each event and allow us to reach our goals!

Noah Ladd LOR

Dylan Ladd LOR

Conner Ladd LOR

My Core Values

  1. Live every second to the best of your abilities
  2. Try new things
  3. Always have an attitude of exploring
  4. Support our friends, get to know someone, comfort & play with others
  5. Help, play, support, understand our brothers
  6. Play like a kid without restraint
  7. Look out for danger to protect others from; physical/mental harm
  8. Look out for danger to protect yourself from; physical/mental harm
  9. Be aware and in the moment
  10. Be able to be independent and responsible
  11. Don’t think you are by yourself for everything
  12. Get sweaty. Physical pain will go away in a little bit.
  13. Go with the flow of life
  14. Be humble and down to earth

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