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Full Name: Ryan Hawks

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Nickname: Flyin Ryan

Ryan Hawks was a dynamic human being, with a passion and love for the mountains and skiing. He lived a fulfilling life, which was dominated by fun, adventure, and determination. In 2011 during the Kirkwood, CA Tour stop, Ryan sustained injuries from a fall that claimed his life. Although he lived only 25 short years, he lived every minute of his life. Learn more about Ryan at

School or Organization: UVM

Ski Team: Freeride World Tour

My Core Values

Live every day, all day
Never stop exploring life
Never lose my adventuresome spirit
Be the best friend I can be
Be the best brother, son, uncle I can be
Play like I am 13
Look out for others
Look out for myself
Look out for our surroundings
Be self-sufficient
Don’t be afraid to ask for help
Work hard
Live easy
Live simply

Completed Courses

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