A lot has changed since I received my scholarship to help me attend freesking competitions and avalanche training way back in highschool but I am forever grateful to be involved with this organization.

For the last 9 years I have lived in Bozeman, MT. While in Montana I did a lot of skiing, snowmobiling and hunting. A little bit of school, work of all kinds, and maybe some growing up? It was nearly a decade of friends and experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Most recently I have moved on from Montana and landed in Homer, Alaska. I am very excited for this new chapter as I continue pursuing a career in the Alaskan commercial fishing industry that i’ve been involved with since 2017. When I’m not working my first choice adventure these days is backpack hunting in the wilder areas of Montana and Alaska. It’s been a fresh and dynamic challenge to tackle in the backcountry. During the winter I still get out skiing and riding snow machines as much as I can.

The connection I have to this organization/family and what it can do for young people looking to live a life active and outside is truly special. I will always appreciate what it has done for me over the years and what it will bring in the future.

Thanks for everything!

Carter Snow