We receive  numerous applications for financial assistance through our Adventure Scholarship Program. One of the elements required for an award is a composition outlining the need and nature of the contemplated adventure. 

Recently, we received an application from Griffin Larson, a gifted 17 year old freeride skier on the Smugglers Notch Freeski Team. We gave Griffin an award previously, and we’ve watched him mature. Griffin has evolved from a need to win mentality to a need to have fun approach. From his current application:

I want this scholarship to help my family and coach travel to Europe for the Junior Freeride World Championships. I want to represent the adventurous attitude that Ryan Hawks had and show that it’s more about having fun rather than winning.

The wisdom he portrays in converting from the need to win to the need to have fun is well worth several moments of your time. We believe his focus on Core Values has played into his continuing development from an athlete to a coach.

See Griff’s Adventure Scholar page