Finn and Riley Kavanaugh are two brothers from Arvada, Colorado who received their awards toward the end of 2023. They used their awards to help further their training for competitive skiing. Click here to learn more about Finn and click here to learn more about Riley. Continue reading for an update sent to us by their mother, Carrie.

We are wrapping up the last Big Mountian Freeride Regional competition, and we have had a few curveballs this winter!

Finn broke his collarbone in December and it’s not healing (nonunion). This forced him to take a long break from the ski team. He returned to the team eventually and on day two Finn had a bad accident on Pali Face at Abasin. After a sled and ambulance ride with Flight for Life in tow and several images of his body, Finn walked crooked out of the ER with a bruised spleen and body. Thank goodness he wears a back protector!  Again, he had to take a break from the team but still managed to bust out four competitions this season and is sitting in the middle of the pack!  He is still waiting to see if he will need surgery on his collarbone. 

Riley is living the dream, skiing all over place and he learned how to do a back flip!  His first Big Mountain Comp was cancelled, in Taos, due to a severe storm but he was able to compete in two other Big Mt. comps this year. He’s a little banged up and also on the injured list with a strained MCL.

We appreciate your support through this crazy season!  The boys will heal up and plan to be back competing next year! Thanks again for everything!

Pictured below: Riley and Finn at the Abasin Big Mt. Comp with their gallon of lemonade!