We recently made an award to Kierce Thompson and have already received an update on his adventures! Read below the note we receive from his mother, Brittany.

Took our adventure to North Carolina, stayed at a town house right beside a pier so he could fish as much as he wanted. First day he fished for hours and hours and only got a couple small ones and a blue crab. On our last day he fished at the beach pier and got a puffer fish which was a new species for him. However, he wanted to go back to the pier beside our air bnb because that water was full of a couple fish he considers his dream fish. We fished for hours and it was getting late. It’s 830pm and we leave in the morning to go home… I say “one more cast and we have to go” sure enough on the last cast he catches one of his “dream fish” which is a black drum. “I owe you everything for this mommy” he says.

Thank you so much for this opportunity. He has really enjoyed the last two days. We cannot thank you enough.

Kierce Thompson
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