Sydney Ricketts received awards in 2014 and 2015, using them for travel and participation in freeride ski competitions. After her first award she was able to travel to over 8 nationally ranked competitions, 10 regionally ranked competitions, and two international competitions. She has been competing since the age of 15 and is also a horse enthusiast. Here she gives us an update on what she’s been up to since receiving her awards.


Sydney Ricketts

“Recently, I had knee surgery in July to repair my MPFL and got a lateral release done as well to help mediate my patellar dislocation issues since my bad mountain bike crash in May of 2018. Lately I’ve just been grinding on physical therapy to get myself back in ski shape, it’s been quite the struggle. This injury was/is pretty finicky as it’s a pretty rare surgery to have. Doctors like to compare the healing time and pain to a knee replacement. If I didn’t ski at the level I do currently, I probably could have gotten away without having surgery. It was definitely a hard call, but I think/hope I made the right decision. I’ll be back on skis in January and hopefully will continue to do a comp or two this winter depending on how my strength comes back! Last winter despite having a bunch of knee pain and issues, I still managed to travel to 4 competitions. I won the Targhee 2* competition in February, I also went to Crested Butte in March and got 5th place in the 4*, and I also went to Crystal where I generally do well at, but sadly the competition got cancelled. I finished off my competition season at Kirkwood where I got 2nd place in the 4* Championships which landed me in a tie for 5th place overall in Region 2 of the FWQ. So, despite having to take lots of days off from skiing due to my knee, all in all I think I played my cards right for a pretty awesome season.”

On behalf of everyone at Flyin Ryan, we hope you heal quickly and can get back to doing what you love! We appreciate you Sydney!