Gabriel Andrus

Walpole, NH

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Gabriel’s Bio

My name is Gabriel Andrus, I grew up in the rolling hills of southwestern New Hampshire.
Growing up I spent my time playing in the mountains, lakes, and forests around my home and
beyond. Through these experiences I developed a deep connection to nature and a passion for
adventure. I believe in the importance of wildspaces and the value of time in nature. I started
taking pictures as a kid and immediately fell in love with the magic of storytelling through
photography and videography. I have taken my camera on just about every adventure since. Now
at 20 years old I am pursuing a career as an adventure filmmaker and photographer. Whose
mission is to tell stories from the far reaches of the earth, stories about adventure at the
intersection of the human experience and environmental stewardship.

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Gabriel Andrus
Gabriel Andrus

My Core Values

  1. Share Compassion for Others
  2. Share Kindness and Love
  3. Share Your Passion
  4. Live Enthusiastically
  5. Live Thoughtfully
  6. Be Grateful
  7. Be a Steward of the Environment
  8. Never Give Up
  9. Never Stop Learning
  10. Dream Big