This following post is written by Peter Hawks, the Executive Director of Flyin Ryan.

I made a presentation of the Core Values Challenge to a small group of real estate executives from the New York City area at Stratton Mountain last Thursday. This is the first time we have pulled the Core Values Challenge into a one-step call to action presentation. Nine people participated. During the course of an hour they learned about the significance of core values, wrote their values, and shared their values. Their attention to the exercise never wavered. At the end, they all professed that the exercise had value and they were grateful to have participated. Without particular emphasis, I solicited them for a contribution to the foundation. So far, we’ve had contributions totaling $1800.

The original plan was to put the core values tutorial into a slide presentation and project it on a wall. I had just gotten back the day before from Utah without my luggage and my computer. Which brought me to plan B: as is my habit I made notes and prepared to present from my notes. When I got to Stratton I realized I had left my notes in Burlington. Switch to plan C:  I asked everybody to get their cell phone out, I gave them a core values challenge card and asked them to scan to the tutorial; after some introductory remarks we worked through the tutorial; then had a 15 minute writing period of total silence, then concluded with roughly 20 minutes of sharing where each participant shared his core values with the group.  

I cannot help but believe that there will be additional opportunities to conduct what I would call a full circle core value exercise. Stay tuned.

Onward and upward,


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