Alex Bogner

Woodstock, NY

My name is Alex Bogner and I am from Woodstock, NY.  I currently go to school at Lyndon State College where I study Mountain Recreation Management (B.S.), Business Administration (A.S.) and minor in Marketing.  My life has revolved around the mountains from a young age when I started hiking and skiing at 4 years old.  Now at Lyndon State, I have begun to develop my love for rock climbing, ice climbing, and ski mountaineering. Some of my biggest accomplishments in college so far have been, skiing 100 days in a year, skiing the steepest runs in the New England backcountry, and hiking almost every week to complete my goal to summit all of New Hampshire’s 48 4000fters.  I am now trying to hone in all my skills to hopefully become an AMGA rock, alpine, ice, and ski guide before I go into management.  One of my goals to help prepare me to be a knowledgeable guide in the mountains is to go on the Peru Ishinca Valley Expedition, offered by School for International Expedition Training.  On this program I will climb peaks reaching to 20,000ft, learn about expedition planning, and practice advanced mountaineering techniques used by guides internationally.  This scholarship will be used to help offset the cost of this program.

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