Andie Creel

Bozeman, Montana

I’m a young 21-year- old based out of Bozeman, Montana. I spent my entire life in Bozeman, but when my time to go to college came around I still hadn’t gotten enough of it. I went straight from Bozeman High School to Montana State University and simply moved down the hill. This fall, I temporarily uprooted myself from Bozeman to study a semester of Environmental Economics in Sheffield, England. But as the fall fades to winter and the snow begins to fall back home I find myself dreaming of Bozeman’s surrounding mountains more and more. I cannot wait to be skiing at my home mountain, Bridger Bowl. And I’m even more excited to explore the backcountry surrounding Bozeman further than I have in the past. That’s why I’ll be using a Flyin Ryan Scholarship to pay for my Avalanche Two class.

Andie’s application essay

Andie’s letter of recommendation

My Core Values

  1. Do the little things right
  2. Give when you’re able to
  3. Ask when you need to
  4. Remember and learn, rather than try to forget and constantly regret
  5. Devote your professional life to making the world better
  6. Devote your personal life to making yourself happy
  7. Stay in touch
  8. Take leaps, but give yourself some time to think about it before (count down from three)
  9. Be present

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