Audra Butman

Odenton, MD

My name is Audra Butman from Odenton, Maryland. I am a nationally registered and certified occupational therapist who is licensed to practice in the state of Maryland. I support children with special needs and their families in the Maryland Public Schools system. I am also the owner of Sweetheart Doodles, a small family-owned business (mother/daughter team) supporting children with special needs by family-raising puppies with an emphasis on preparing them for future roles in service work, therapy work, emotional support roles, companionship roles, and complex family life. We donate our pups to families in need of canine therapeutic support. I am an explorer, nature lover, nurturer, and dreamer at heart. I have a passion for helping others, caring for animals, painting, and wildlife photography.

Audra Butman
Audra Butman

My Core Values

  1. Give People My Smile, Especially When They Don't Have One
  2. Laugh Out Loud When Life Is Funny
  3. Never Be Nervous To Ask A Question
  4. Meet People With Kindness
  5. Only Take What I Need
  6. Don't Be So Busy That You Miss The Beauty Around You
  7. Stop and Just Breathe
  8. Let The Positives Sink In
  9. Work Hard...and then Rest The Same
  10. Show The World You're Gentle AND Tough
  11. Don't Mistake Kindness With Weakness
  12. Stand Your Ground and Honor Your Boundaries
  13. Cherish The Ordinary Days
  14. Make Connections With Others

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