Avery Ellis

Somerville, MA

Avery’s Bio

Avery grew up skiing, mountain biking, and otherwise exploring in northern Vermont She began her journey as a competitive athlete with the Craftsbury Outdoor Center junior nordic ski program. Avery then raced for the Middlebury College nordic team, twice attending NCAA Championships. After graduation, Avery went into bike-mode, joining Little Bellas, a nonprofit mentoring on mountain bikes program in Vermont. Here, she shifted her focus to bikes and found the inspiration to chase an overlooked dream of competing as a mountain-biker. She began competing in the Eastern States Cup enduro series and fell in love with the feeling of floating through whatever conditions the New England trails had to offer. She now has 2 seasons of enduro racing in New England under her belt, and hopes to broaden her horizons to new places. She strives to use her love for the sport to explore new places and continue living out her core values and spreading the love to others.

Avery Ellis Adventure Scholarship Recipient
Avery Ellis Adventure Scholarship Recipient

My Core Values

  1. Embrace the beauty of the world
  2. Have fun always
  3. Give back to my community
  4. Smile
  5. Be kind
  6. Seek out solitude
  7. Be a good friend
  8. Work hard
  9. Stay true to myself
  10. Listen to others and be willing to learn
  11. Believe in myself

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