Caroline Hardy

Golden, Colorado

Caroline Hardy climbing on skis

Caroline’s Bio:

My mom has been a ski instructor her whole life. Thus, I have been skiing for as long as I remember. Eventually, I found a home with the Big Mountain team. My senior year of high school I won every big mountain competition that I didn’t fall in. I have also worked as a ski instructor and coached the big mountain team. I have been a camp counselor at a ski camp. Two years ago, I took my AIARE Avy I. I competed in Big Mountain in Red Mountain, Kicking Horse, Grand Targhee, Crested Butte, and Taos.

I’m a Junior at Montana State University I am studying economics, with minors in statistics and German. To work with a sixty year-old paraplegic, I became a certified PCA (Personal Care Assistant). Every Saturday, we go to Big Sky and I help him sit-ski.

Caroline Hardy’s Adventure Scholarship was generously sponsored by Steve and Michelle Fischer.

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My Core Values

  1. “Be the Best Friend I Can Be” – Ryan Hawks
  2. Laugh often
  3. Appreciate the little things
  4. Dance at any opportunity
  5. Openness
  6. Inclusivity
  7. Be supportive
  8. Be a good listener
  9. Turn the mundane into an adventure
  10. Never forget about the environment
  11. Take time to reflect
  12. “Work hard” –Ryan Hawks

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