Dani Sweet

East Fairfield, VT

My names Danielle Sweet (Dani) for short, I am 20 years old I live in Fletcher Vermont. I have been snowboarding for 10 years. My home mountain is Smugglers Notch! I am Currently a new transfer student at UVM studying Dietetic and Nutrition. I use to go to Castleton State College. I find happiness in exploring my beautiful surroundings through snowboarding, hiking, kayaking, long boarding,  and mountain biking; anything that can be done outside really!

Dani was selected to receive a Flyin Ryan Scholarship in memory of Peiter Swanson, who passed away in Jackson Hole March 31st, 2014 pursing his passion for skiing. “He was an extremely charismatic, upbeat person with an infectious personality,” A friend said. “He was one of those people that can change the mood of a room. He was one of those people that people wanted to be around because he was a fun person and a better friend.”

Dani has recently joined the UVM Freestyle Snowboard Team, part of her scholarship will go towards to a trip to Jackson Hole with the team.

My Core Values

  1. Live and love every moment because time is our only enemy

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