Jordan Brunsch

Whiterock, British Colombia Canada

Jordan Brunsch photo

My name is Jordan, and my passion lies not in one specific sport but adventure as a whole. From the culture to the people to the unique experiences that accompany trips and outings, adventure captivates me entirely. Last year I enrolled in the Adventure Guide Diploma at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC. It introduced me to some amazing people, provided me with some extraordinary mentors, and resulted in a year filled with skiing, white water kayaking, and a whole lot of climbing. I will use this scholarship in my second year of studies to help me hit the books, river, and mountains even harder this year.

Jordan’s application essay

Jordan’s letter of recommendation

My Core Values

  1. Embrace hardship: these are the times when we learn the most
  2. Seek challenge
  3. Seek new experience
  4. Relentlessly pursue self growth
  5. Never choose comfort or security over adventure
  6. Maintain a strong work ethic in everything you do
  7. Don't be afraid to be ambitious
  8. Always make time for the important people in your life
  9. Always make time for self care
  10. Give back
  11. Never stop exploring life

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