Jordan Harrington

Ellensburg, WA

Hello my name is Jordan and I am a senior at Central Washington University studying Recreation and Tourism. For my adventure I am going to be doing an Internship with Snowboard Addiction, a company based in Whistler, BC Canada. This company produces practice tutorials for snowboarding tricks along with manufacturing practice products you can use in your own house. I will be living in Whistler for 4 months getting to snowboard everyday. In the 150+ days I will be in Whistler I plan on riding my snowboard on at least 100 of those days. I plan on using the scholarship for my season pass and doing a search for pow road trip during my 2 week break in the middle of my internship. Happy shredding!!


My Core Values

  1. Always find the positives is life
  2. Learn from my mistakes
  3. Be smart, live to see another day
  4. Be the best brother, son, uncle, boyfriend I can be
  5. Be genuinely nice to others
  6. Don't be afraid to fail
  7. Listen to the voice in my head
  8. Know that the sun will always come out another day
  9. Never give up, there is always a way
  10. Be the hardest worker
  11. Be a leader/role model
  12. Help and inspire others
  13. Do the little things

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