Kelsey Boleski

North Fayston, VT

Skiing was once solely a sport to me, but through the years they helped make it something more. Ryan especially opened my eyes to a different outlook on competitive skiing. He was my first freeskiing tour “mentor”  in Telluride and made me realize even more my desire to contribute and be involved in the freeskiing community. The greatest thing I got out of that trip was the self reflection that came after I fell. Ryan’s pep talk that day was the moment I realized that competition shouldn’t be just about “me, me, me”, and comparing myself to others. As exciting and beneficial as it is to do well, I love competitive skiing because of the way it makes me feel. I no longer view competitions as though I HAVE to PROVE something,  rather I am extremely grateful for them, the people I meet and I view each one as another unique experience and potential opportunity. I have changed since meeting Ryan, have subsequently re-evaluated my life. In doing so, I have learned to follow Ryan’s core principles to better myself and others.

I have the desire to pay forward what I’ve been given by my mentors – to help others benefit from skiing and exploration. I know there are other kids out there like me that have an ever present desire to learn, explore, do, and try as hard as they can to get better and share the experience with those around them. Everyone, no matter their financial situation, geographical location, medical condition, gender, or race should be given the opportunity to learn, do something they love, and enrich the lives of others.

My long term goals for the future are to help others find their potential by getting out of the classroom, using their hands, getting dirty, and learning through adventure, highlighting the importance of safety and sharing the importance of community and respect.


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