Maddie Walbrun

Carmel Valley, CA

Maddie’s Bio

My name is Maddie Walbrun. Ever since I was 1 years old I have been skiing at my home mountain, Kirkwood. By the time I was 6 I was begging to join our local freeride team but my parents would not let me since I would throw a tantrum at least twice a day while skiing. Finally when I was 9 I joined the Kirkwood JETS and soon enough I started competing. I loved my first competition and since then that love has only grown. Now at 16 years old I wish I could compete every weekend. Since I live 5 hours away from any ski resorts I drive every Friday after school to make it to team on the weekends. I never wish that I could stay home for the weekend and be with my friends. I love skiing too much, I am so happy that I am able to ski every weekend. When I am not skiing I am usually at the gym working on getting stronger so I can improve my skiing. I also have played soccer since I was 2 and I have been training as a goalkeeper since I was 9 years old. In the summer I switch things up, borrow some of my friends gear and surf with my friends. At first we were all awful but now I think we can confidently say that we can surf.

Maddie Walbrun Adventure Scholarship recipient
Maddie Walbrun Adventure Scholarship recipient

My Core Values

  1. Live everyday to the Fullest
  2. Do it for the experience
  3. “Everything is good within moderation”
  4. Realize who I put my energy into everyday
  5. Separate the Negatives and the Positive

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