Sydney Ricketts

West Jordan, UT

Hello, my name is Sydney Ricketts and I literally live in the mountains. Okay, not literally, but in the winter I’m there (or at least wishing to be there) longer than I’m even at home. Salt Lake City is one of the most perfect places to be able to ski after school, since the mountains are 20 minutes away. Skiing has always been a passion of mine since I was little. I started skiing when I was 3, having the passion for it planted in me when I was young, I will never stop skiing. And naturally being a Ricketts, I have a competitive side to me. Skiing is by far not about the competing, although it can push you to strive to do better and perfect the things you struggle with. That’s why I am on AltaBird Freeride. Just having the opportunity to do AltaBird is incredible. After being taught some of Ryan’s Core Principles it really made me think of how it can better me, and help other people. They are definitely words to live by, and I will continue to live by them every day! With this knowledge and experience I hope to continue to pursue my dreams as a skier, being able to do what I love to do!

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