Taylor Pratt

Sandy, UT

My name is Taylor Pratt, 17 out of Sandy, UT and I ski Alta and Snowbird and have grown up skiing at Snowbird, thanks to my parents who got me into skiing at the age of 4. And since then almost everything I’ve done has revolved around the mountains and skiing. As soon as the leaves start changing color, my mind shifts from summer and I’m watching every new trailer and movie to get myself stoked for the season. You could say what inspires me most in what I want to ski and how I want to ski it is watching others ski, I would love to combine all styles of the many disciplines of this sport into one and take it to the big mountain arena. I’m very lucky to be able to compete on the IFSA Jr Freeskiing Tour with some of my best friends from around the country and competition season is what I look forward to most, seeing old friends and sharing the best times of our lives at some of the coolest resorts in North America.

Update from Taylor: “Hey guys! I have been busy working this summer to get myself and my budget ready for the winter as I have big plans to be traveling, competing, filming and most of all making memories to remember for the rest of my life. I’ve been lucky enough to have found a job working as a coach for FLY Freestyle here in Utah at the Utah Olympic Park as well as being able to help out with some pole making for SoulPoles, who are also located in Park City, these two groups have helped me save some money so that I may make this winter the best yet. And I plan to be working in a shop somewhere to help save up some more. I’m so excited to be able to compete with the big boys on the CFS (new IFSA Colliegate series) and the SFS, and look forward to seeing how skiing against a whole new crowd will progress and push my skiing. Most importantly, I’m stoked to be back on snow, making memories, sharing stories and experiencing nature and the mountains with new and old faces. I’m happy to have people like Flyin’ Ryan and others who have supported me and made this journey even better. I hope to keep in touch with you guys! And plan to make a pair of custom engraved Flyin’ Ryan SoulPoles for myself to spark conversation and help spread the word about both.¬†Again hope to keep in touch! Thanks again for the support!”

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