Ryan Hawks Portillo jump

The story behind this amazing image

This image of Ryan launching into space has become synonymous with Ryan Hawks and the Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation. It also provided the inspiration for the Flyin Ryan logo, seen everywhere! 

In the summer of 2010, Ryan Hawks was chasing his ski dreams while traveling and skiing around the Chilean Andes. He joined Frank Shine, Glen Morden, Greg Fitzsimmons, Greg Ernst and Robin McElroy for a portion of that trip in Portillo Chile for a Blizzard Tecnica photo shoot.

“Occasionally the moment, the image or the athlete blows the doors off expectation and there is no need to check later, you just know you nailed it.” -Frank Shine, Brand Manager, Blizzard Tecnica, photographer

Frank Shine was, at the time, the sponsored athlete manager for Blizzard, and an accomplished photographer. The story behind the photo is documented in a new article on the Blizzard website.

Frank and Blizzard Technica have been loyal supporters of the Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation’s mission to help people discover and live by their Core Values. We are grateful for their continued support!