What does it take to transform the lives of young people?  What is the role of teachers and schools to help youth figure out: ‘Who am I? What is important to me? What are my true beliefs? How am I different from others?  What is the right path for me?’

Group of middle school students

Here at the Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation, we have developed some great tools that schools can use to help students define their core values and principles. Our Decisions program offers young people a place to find structure and guidance to frame and develop their own unique core values, and guide their choices and goals, with authentic engagement.  This program has proven its worth at a Vermont high school, where over 1200 students have used Decisions to determine their Core Values since 2013.

With the passage of a new law that requires Vermont schools to guide students in mapping their personal and learning goals in grades 7-12, we are now poised to install the Flyin Ryan Decisions Program in schools across Vermont.  You can help us meet this challenge with a donation today.

The Foundation has a track record of engaging young people through awarding over 100 Adventure Scholarships to individual athletes to pursue their passions that would otherwise be constrained by financial need.

This year, we have given out 16 new awards to support youthful adventures such as hiking the Appalachian and Pacific Crest trails, training as climbing guides, or going on the road for conversations and video that document the effects of America’s growing racial divide. We invite you to check out their individual profiles on the ‘Our Adventure Scholars’ page.

We continue to support coaches and teams in the International Freeride Ski and Snowboard Association, to help athletes manage risk on the slopes. We have also invested in building internal capacity by going live with a new website, hiring our first staff, opening an office in Burlington, and raising new funds from our local supporters. We have increased our capacity to inspire, engage and motivate young people.

Please help us grow and extend the Flyin Ryan Decisions Program to schools across Vermont.  Our Annual Campaign goal this year is $20,000.

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Your gift of:

$35: will provide Decisions content to students in one class

$50: will fund Decisions Program training for a guidance counselor or outreach staff

$100: will cover printing for providing Flyin Ryan Hawks stickers for an entire school grade

$500: will provide on-site training & technical assistance from an experienced educator to support a new middle or high school to offer the Flyin Ryan Decisions Program.

With your help, we can make a difference. Please give today via our secure online portal. You can also help to spread the word by liking and following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Thanks!