The Flyin Ryan Adventure Scholarship Program honors the memory of “Flyin” Ryan Hawks by making monetary awards to enable the adventures of individuals around the world. In addition to demonstrating financial need, applicants are asked to connect their mind, heart and spirit to determine their own Core Values and to demonstrate their passion for their goals. We wish to create supportive community around our Adventure Scholarship recipients and support them in all of their life adventures, even after the award is used.

SJ Grundon

SJ Grundon was one of the first Adventure Scholarship recipients back in 2012 when she applied at the age of 14 for assistance with ski competition. Seven years later she has given us an update on what she’s been up to!

“I’m no longer competing in mogul skiing or big mountain events but have moved onto my next adventure! I’m currently about to start my senior year at Westminster College, studying Business Economics with a minor in psychology, and live in Park City, Utah. This is the closest I’ve lived to a ski resort in my entire life, and I can’t express how lucky I feel to have a 5-minute drive to skiing! As much as I truly miss competing in skiing I love just going out to take turns for myself, especially with all the amazing terrain in my backyard. Skiing out west is very different from the east coast, but every day I go out skiing I find myself missing the hidden gems of Sugarbush and Mad River Glen. Even with the powder and sunny days out west, nothing compares to the tree skiing back east.

SJ Grundon

This summer I had an amazing opportunity to receive an internship at a web application security company, called Signal Sciences, out in Los Angeles. I’m specifically working under risk and compliance and also finance and accounting. It has been an amazing company to work for this summer and everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I’ve felt part of the team since my first day here.

I’m still unsure of what I’m interested in doing for my career after graduation in the spring of 2020, but planning to take some time to travel before starting Grad school or a job. While I miss competing in skiing, I beyond excited for the future adventures to come and love that skiing will always be a big part of my life and am thankful for all of the life skills I’ve gained from competing in skiing.

SJ Grundon

I owe Flyin Ryan Foundation a huge thank you for everything you have contributed to my skiing career and wouldn’t have been able to do with without your support. Flyin Ryan is an amazing foundation that helped me and so many other kids. Not only were you there financially but more importantly, you created a second family who was always there to support me whether it was cheering me on at a ski competition or supporting me for school presentations. Peter was like a second father and I’m beyond grateful for his support and encouragement through my academics and sports.

I hope that someday I can give back to Flyin Ryan to allow another athlete to follow their dreams and gain the life experience that Flyin Ryan provided me in high school.”

We are so proud and excited for you SJ! Keep chasing your dreams!

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