A Chilly Challenge

How are Jonny Klemchuk, pond skimming at Sugarbush, and Facebook connected? Last Sunday, at Sugarbush’s end of season Pond Skim, the connection was made.

Jonny, a good friend of the Flyin Ryan Foundation and a High Fives Foundation board member, was chatting with  Peter Hawks about growing our audiences. He volunteered that if 50 or more new Facebook likes were received prior to the start of the event, he’d take a plunge in the icy pond.

Jonny doesn’t do things in a half-hearted way. He stirred the pot, inviting his Facebook friends (and their friends) to jump on board. In the 24 hours preceding the Skim, the Flyin Ryan Facebook page scored 102 new likes. The photographic proof, seen here, was provided courtesy of Lisa Lynn, Editor of Vermont Ski + Ride, a magazine that focuses on Vermont’s winter sports scene.

Jonny dives into icy pond

A New Challenge

As a way of further spreading the message that Core Values Matter, we have set a goal of increasing our Facebook likes to 8000 by June 1, 2017. We will be putting out stories of positivity each week, on Facebook and on our website. We’re encouraging you to take up our Core Values Challenge, and to reach out to your Facebook friends with invitations to Like our page.

Why take the Core Values Challenge?

The Flyin Ryan Core Values Challenge is based on the principle that Core Values Matter, and that the core values which really matter are the ones that are self-composed, creating a sound foundational base for one’s attitude, and can have a major impact on our daily decision making. Everything we say, everything we think, everything we do, and how we engage in life result from our own decisions. Deliberative decisions, based on self-composed Core Values, are likely to produce better results than random decisions made without a foundation or a commitment to ownership.

Got this far? Check out the video highlights (including Jonny’s plunge) of the 2017 Sugarbush Pond Skim.