Tabitha Floess

Carthage, NC

Tabitha’s Bio

My name is Tabitha Floess and I am a student at Wake Technical Community College pursuing dual associate degrees in computer programming and development, and engineering. I have a professional background in graphic and 3D design, with an associate degree in advertising and graphic design. I am passionate about improving user experiences and addressing real-world challenges, aiming to earn a four-year degree in AI engineering at North Carolina State University. I actively participate in programs like NASA’s L’SPACE Mission Concept Academy, the Society of Women Engineers, and Starfleet International.

I am deeply connected to nature and physical wellness. My interests in jogging, hiking, yoga, weightlifting, and paddling are not only sources of exercise but also avenues for introspection and personal growth. These activities have shaped a positive outlook on life and fostered a deeper connection with the environment. The Flyin Ryan Adventure Scholarship will allow me to invest in new hiking gear and potentially a kayak, improving my well-being and complementing my academic journey.

Tabitha Floess Adventure Scholarship Recipient
Tabitha Floess Adventure Scholarship Recipient

My Core Values

  1. Question everything.
  2. Passionately be who you are.
  3. Never stop pursuing education.
  4. Express gratitude where it is due.
  5. Listen to understand, not to respond.
  6. Be curious and satisfy your curiosities.
  7. Develop habits that strengthen discipline.
  8. Be a great acquaintance and better friend.

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